• Who is Tosha Manke?

    I am a work-from-home mom to a precious 6 year old boy. I have over 19 years of print and digital design experience. From 1997 through 1999, I worked at Gumdrop Books in Bethany, MO. Starting out, I was a gopher (you know, go fetch this or that), but within a year I was head of their Publications Dept. I left and moved to Florida in 1999, starting a job at The News Herald shortly after arriving. Thoughout my time at The News Herald, I served in a variety of compacities...from print ad design, website design, commercial newspaper design, pre-press, and more. I left The News Herald in 2009 in hopes of getting myself set up to work from home while hoping for a baby. Well, a very active little boy came along and so has my freelance business. I currently have several ongoing newspapers and magazines that keep me pretty busy during some parts of the month...leaving the second half of each month with time to take on additional projects.